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Tuula Virkkula

Master in Economics, coach

Tuula is a process consultant, supervisor, coach and teacher with solution-focused, dialogic and systemic approach. Tuula integrates individual and organizational goals and developmental needs in her practical, activating and dynamic co-learning processes.

Tuula's approach coaching is strongly based on experiential learning, facilitation and action methods as well as on building dialogue and reflective interaction between participants, activation of participants, self-realisation and utilization of mutual interaction. As a coach, Tuula is strongly supportive and empathetic and dares to give developmental feedback - but always in relation to the objectives of the client.

Tuula is the person to contact when the new direction and challenges of your organisation or team requires engaging people in building understanding of what new is needed in their ways of working, updating of responsibilities and common rules, brainstorming new practices and solutions as well as building new and rich connections and conversations between people. 


  • Coaching for multidisciplinary and cross-organisational collaboration and trust building, for example in collaborative projects like alliances.
  • Leadership development and facilitative and coaching leadership
  • Facilitating co-learning and change management in organisations
  • Solution-focused and dialogic conflict resolution processes
  • Individual coaching processes and group coaching
  • Certified Peili Coach and WOPI development feedback provider
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"Everything we have done together has been done in a good atmosphere and has produced results."

"Tuula was able to catalyse the wisdom of the group."

"It feels like Tuula is genuinely interested in our work - and maybe she is, as she understands us and is able to help us."

"The coaching conversations with Tuula have always been clarifying and engaging."


Feedback from our customers


During her long career in HR and coaching, Tuula has helped leaders and managers in a variety of challenging situations to find positive and innovative solutions to people management issues. Throughout her career, Tuula has coached individual professionals, teams and organisations to transform their thinking, co-operation and practices - often as part of a wider strategic change.

At Juuriharja, Tuula has coached alliance teams in construction business to develop their collaboration skills. Building teamwork, leadership and self-leardership skills has been at the core of Tuula's coaching throughout her long coaching career.

Examples of Tuula's recent assignments include:

Construction sector:

  • Leading multidisciplinary projects
  • Co-operation in an alliance project
  • Conflict resolution through collaboration and dialogue
  • Encouraging and brave supervisor

Other expert organisations:

  • Manager as leader of personal and workplace well-being
  • Manager as interactor in hybrid work
  • Collaboration of teams


  • M.Sc., Helsinki School of Economics (Aalto University) 1991, Business Economics: Organizations and Management.
  • TRO, 2005, University of Tampere/Suomen Morenoinstituutti, Finland
  • Dialogic and resource-oriented work coach and process consultant for work communities and individuals, 2008, Palmenia/Dialogic Partner
  • Fundamentals of Lean Management and Development, Lahti University of Applied Sciences, 2011
  • Vocational Teacher Training, Haaga-Helia/Helsinki University, 2013
  • Coach (ACSTH) MIF, 2017
  • Certified Peili Coach and WOPI development feedback provider