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Coaching accelerates the achievement of goals in a sustainable way

Who will expand and challenge your thinking? And who supports you when the going gets tough?

In the working life, there are many situations where a team leader - or other key person – benefits from coaching. What these situations have in common is that they often involve uncertainty and there is no one right way forward. An external professional coach provides then an effective thought partnership. Coaching provides a safe space to explore different perspectives and to be challenged in terms of one’s own beliefs and habits.


Typical situations for coaching are:

  • Role changes, e.g. from expert to project manager
  • A variety of challenging situations
  • Developing self-leadership and prioritisation
  • Maintaining well-being and focus in the midst of growth and pace
  • Developing cooperation with different stakeholders and different people
  • New strategy and organisational changes

In addition to accelerating the achievement of goals in a sustainable way, coaching also generates other benefits:

  • strategic thinking and holistic understanding develops
  • improved ability to operate in a complex environment
  • in-depth analyzed alternative solutions and decision-making
  • greater clarity of  focus
  • new strengths are found and old ones are clarified
  • encouragement to try new things
  • understanding of the impact of one's own actions and the means of influencing improves
  • reflection becomes a regular practice
  • thinking skills develop
  • self-understanding deepens
  • energy and enthusiasm are generated

Coaching is always a unique process. It can be an individual process or group. The process starts with a discussion on objectives and ends with a discussion on results. Often, to support effectiveness and further development, a follow-up meeting is organized about three months after the end of the process.

"Juuriharja's fresh, direct and natural approach gave us a nice boost to our goal of brightening up the spirit of working together and increasing collaboration between our different offices. Our staff particularly appreciated Juuriharja’s concrete way of coaching and effective method of engaging our people."
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