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Code of conduct

Code of Conduct

Organisation's ability to achieve its strategic objectives is dependent on its culture. Code of conduct guides common practices and determines how much ”sideways” movement is allowed, movement that slows down progress instead of moving forward. Therefore, it is worth investing in code of conduct.

Code of conduct as part of risk management

Organisation's means of achieving its objectives are limited by the various laws and regulations that must be complied with. Breaking these is, of course, a significant risk, both in terms of sanctions and loss of reputation.

An organisation may define its own code of conduct, soft boundaries to guide everyday actions and choices to support attaining strategic objectives, taking into account both internal and external expectations: "Why and in what areas should we ensure and strengthen our ethics?"

Fewer rules

It is good to have as few precise rules as possible. It is more important to identify the key principles that will enable the organisation to succeed both in risk management and in achieving its objectives.

Making an impact through collaboration

Code of conduct has real impact when the content is of high quality and fit for purpose. A shared commitment requires the involvement of staff in defining the the code. We humans don't like it when rules are imposed on us. A joint definition process also produces content that fits and supports everyday situations and turning points, where the shared principles will be most useful.

It is also important to build a systematic and goal-oriented ethics programme around the guidelines, which will help to strengthen the ethical culture of the organisation in a goal oriented way. Our online course is a good support for the first steps of the Code of Conduct implementation.

Put code of conduct into practice with the help of an online course

Juuriharja’s online course is a good introduction to the desired ethical practices and competences. Through real-life cases, your personnel will get a feel for typical ethical challenges in everyday life and grasp the different courses of action and their consequences.

The content can be selected from our case library or they can be created customised for you.


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