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Leadership development programmes

Support for everyday leadership situations

Our practical leadership programmes provide support and tools for everyday management situations in line with the values and principles of the company. The development programme is always tailored to the client's needs, both in terms of scope and content.

In addition to leadership workshops, other elements can be used, such as behavioural style assessments, development partners, assignments and group or individual coaching.

In many cases, important themes in leadership development programmes include:

Leadership basics

  • values as a basis for leadership
  • strengthening trust
  • self-awareness
  • fairness and integrity

Feedback and communication skills

  • coaching skills for manager
  • coping in the challenging situations
  • courage and recognition of emotions

Development and renewal

  • goal-oriented collaboration, goal setting and monitoring
  • meaningful everyday leadership practices
  • leading people in change


  • leading wellbeing
  • self-leadership and prioritisation

The workshops have a safe atmosphere, space for discussion and for sharing of experiences

We use our experience and expertise to make sure that there is a safe atmosphere in the workshops, with space for discussion and sharing of experiences. It is important that the participants feel it is safe to raise even difficult issues and seek good solutions together.

In the training sessions we spend a lot of time on practising and reflecting. The lessons learned from the practical exercises, the joint discussion and reflection will generate ideas for action. Insights from putting ideas to practice will be monitored during the coaching process.

It is important to us that leadership development process is not a tedious one, but a relaxed learning process together. We vary our methods and ways of working to keep up the energy and things moving forward in a meaningful way.

Our training and coaching are based on the following basic ideas, which in our experience are important factors influencing the effectiveness of the coaching:

  • Coaching is based on the values of the organisation.

  • Practicality and personal experience reinforce relevance and commitment.
  • A confidential and relaxed atmosphere enriches the interaction.
  • Difficult issues are raised and addressed with a solution-oriented approach directly and respectfully.
  • Emotions are shared and acknowledged. They have a major role in learning.
  • Surprises create joy and generate new insights. Intensive work is ensured by sensitive observation and rhythm variation.
  • Feedback and self-reflection are critical for development.

"Rea from Juuriharja led a workshop for us on feedback skills and speaking up, which strengthened our managers' courage to face challenging situations and give feedback in a constructive manner. Participants found the training clear, useful and thought-provoking - the practical exercises were the best part! Cooperation throughout the whole process was excellent with Rea, a big thank you. 😊”

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