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Jenna Nordman

Master of Laws, consultant, Ethics Manager

Jenna is a lawyer specialising in sustainability and corporate responsibility. International law, human rights and environmental law are also part of her core expertise and together, they form an iron-clad foundation and give Jenna the unique ability to guide organisations on a range of various ethical issues. Jenna is also very familiar with the Business and Human Rights doctrine, which is still a relatively rare area of specialisation.

Jenna's approach is warm, flexible and understanding. Having worked mainly as a corporate and contract lawyer before joining the Juuriharja team in 2022, she has a pragmatic and uncompromising approach. However, her attitude is always relaxed and down-to-earth, with a touch of dry humour in everything she does.


  • corporate responsibility
  • sustainability
  • international law
  • business and human rights
  • environmental law
  • diversity and inclusion
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"Which was to be demonstrated."
Jenna's motto


Jenna is a law graduate from the University of Helsinki with a Master of Laws and a broad, in-depth and practical approach to corporate responsibility and sustainability related issues. Her interdisciplinary and pragmatic approach to ethical issues translates well into real-life situations and her versatile expertise is agile enough to be applied to the needs of a wide range of organisations.

Her career to date has been focused on various corporate legal roles. Jenna's experience includes litigation, mergers and contracts, but her nature is firmly drawn to ethics.

The idealistic attitude of a human rights lawyer is hard to shake off, and Juuriharja was a better home with matching values.

The most natural approach, both to the problems of working life and to theoretical research topics, has always been from the bottom up. Questions are tackled with facts first and theory is allowed to adapt to the demands of practical life. Jenna is able to ensure that responsibility obligations are accurately implemented in company documents and interpreted in an understandable way. The design and facilitation of sustainability strategies and reporting also benefit greatly from having the basics of sustainability in the backbone.


  • Master of Laws, University of Helsinki