Corporate Ethical Virtues


The ethical culture of an organisation has been proven to strengthen e.g. innovativity. The development of an ethical culture begins by identifying the factors and policies that either promote or impede the ethically sound activities of an organisation. The identification of risks is supported by the Corporate Ethical Virtues (CEV) indicator.


The indicator consists of eight themes:

  1. Clarity and orientation activities
  2. Congruency of superiors
  3. Congruency of senior management
  4. Feasibility
  5. Supportability (support by the immediate working environment)
  6. Transparency
  7. Discussability
  8. Sanctionability

CEV is an ideal tool for the senior management of an organisation, HRD, as well as for the internal audit and those responsible for the evaluation and development of the Code of Conduct. The measurement is carried out through an online questionnaire, either for a selected group or the entire organisation. It is equally possible to access the results as departmental or unit level scores.