Values As The Basis For Action


Now is the time for a renaissance of values. People are searching for purpose and meaning in their work. In the midst of constant hassle, time performance pressure, we all long for solid ground for what we are doing, something we can rely on.


Values are the foundation of an organisational culture. At best they steer leadership and all our everyday work in a flexible, adjustable and meaningful way. Unnecessary rules can be put aside. Shared values ease collaboration and make it easier to foresee future trends and events.


Dialogue over values calls for different perspectives. The entire staff as well as other important stakeholders should take part in making contributions to the dialogue.


Once the core values have been identified, practical definitions of value-based behaviour are drawn as well as other means to embed and anchor the values in everyone’s everyday work and the routines of leadership. Values are integrated into the core guidelines for value-based behaviour as well as into the competence definitions. Part of the process focuses on ensuring that the practical applications of the value guidelines are also ethical. 


The identification of core values produces positive impacts only once the content is solid and the embedding and anchoring has been done well.  Without this, work is unnecessary, even harmful.



Read the book Arvot yksilön ja työyhteisön kehittäjänä (only in Finnish)