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Sofia Nevala




Sofia excels in communication, responsibility and whistleblowing topics. She also has a comprehensive understanding on building  trust between an organization and its stakeholders.

In Code of Conduct processes, Sofia lends her expertise in training and updating Code of Conduct documents. The ethical guidelines are crafted confidentially, with an approach that honors the client through empathetic, open-minded problem-solving. In collaboration with the client, Sofia develops a high-quality, appropriate, and systematic ethical program. This deliberate approach significantly strengthens the ethical culture and its impact within the organization.

Sofia has a keen ability to identify both risks and opportunities, and beyond traditional solutions, she can also uncover innovative alternatives when needed. This ensures that together with the client, unique challenges, concerns, and earnest wishes are resolved collaboratively.

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  • whistleblowing
  • Code of Conduct processes
  • ESG
  • building trust between an organisation and its stakeholders
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"Trust and integrity are precious resources, and nurturing them is a skill."
Sofia's motto


Sofia's background is in organisational communication, with minors in management, marketing and international studies. Her interest in whistleblowing stemmed from a thesis on the topic:

"I noticed that whistleblowing is hot topic both in communication research and in practice in many organisations due to the EU Directive."

The trust of the organisation and the individuals within it, as well as the interaction between the leader and the active successor, continues to fascinate and intrigue. There are tensions in the field of whistleblowing to be explored, as well as much practical work to be done."


  • Organisational Communication, University of Vaasa