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Every organisation strives towards the attainment of its goals. For some this seems easy and leads to success while others face a seemingly constant struggle. We help our clients to improve their leadership practice, competences and capacities, to clarify operations and processes, and to excel in both productivity and well-being. We also offer tools to measure, lead and develop organisational culture.

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Executive Coaching

Top management is often a lonely position with heavy responsibilities for business results. The leader does not always seem able to find the time to stop and think about the broader priorities. The complexity of the system and the amount of detail involved requires clear-headed, high-quality thinking. In a leadership position one has to bear both responsibility and worries alone. Concerns cannot be shared with others. In addition, colleagues do not always dare to challenge or offer honest feedback to fuel one’s personal development. 


Group Coaching

Sharing ideas and coaching support leads us down the road of continuous development and strengthens the sense of common direction. Group coaching is a flexible tool in producing new solutions to the different emerging situations in an organisation. Group coaching builds a shared commitment to bringing new ideas and approaches into practice. Group coaching is particularly suitable for the development of managers and other professional groups.