Peili™ Behaviour Profile


A person's understanding of their own behavioural patterns often differs from perceptions held by others. Therefore, results based solely on self assessment often provide an incomplete picture and fail to adequately define development goals. The feedback given by others can reveal development areas that one has been unable to identify. In addition, it often highlights those strengths that the person has not identified.


The Peili behaviour profile describes various behavioural patterns. The instrument can be applied widely, and the results always include both self-evaluation and feedback from others.


The tool provides a common language and terminology for interactive phenomena familiar from everyday life. This common understanding is the starting point for the development of co-operation and culture. The framework is easy to learn and it can help people with different types of work. Peili can be utilised e.g. in the following areas:

  • Management team
  • Leadership
  • Teamwork
  • Co-operation and interaction
  • Customer Service
  • Project work 

The Peili behaviour profile includes three different but complementary feedback sections each designed to broaden perspectives:

  1. Feedback on behavioural style is the basis of everything. It describes the intuitive and natural behaviour of both the individual (and the group, if a whole group is being profiled). Understanding the different approaches to behaviour helps to identify areas for development, while opening up new perspectives and bringing out people's strengths. 
  2. Ability to encounter measures the level of behavioural flexibility and co-operation in the group and in the individual.
  3. Trust feedback in turn shows how the person builds trust in interaction, and how it can be further strengthened.