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Organisational culture

Measurement and development of the culture

What kind of an organisational culture does your organisation have?

And how does it support the implementation of your strategy? Organisational culture is like the air you breathe, it is impossible to objectively articulate from the inside. What happens on a day-to-day basis, as if by itself? What has history taught us about what works in the organisation and what doesn't? What kind of leadership is preferred and what kind of actions are allowed? What kind of people are worth recruiting, how to develop operations successfully?

The most important question is, how to develop organisational culture to be able to make use of tomorrow's opportunities? Few things are worth developing randomly without a plan, but how to make a plan that is based on something better than a guess, belief or a hunch?


Knowledge-based development

Organisational culture has a direct impact on how an organisation succeeds in achieving its objectives, how and what kind of people and talent stay and feel at home in the organisation. Development needs to be done skilfully, accurately and over the long term.

We use two different measures of organisational culture. Both tools stand up to scientific scrutiny and add real value to the choice of both development priorities and means. The Hofstede organisational culture indicator is the best measure for the strategic nature of organisational culture, while the Corporate Ethical Virtues indicator is the most appropriate measure of ethics, innovativeness and the wellbeing of personnel. We would be happy to provide more information on these.

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