Operaatio Juuriharja

Operation Juuriharja

Operation Juuriharja is an amazing development program, intended for ambitious and courageous leaders. Leaders who want and dare to examine critically the ethical dimensions of their own leadership and to systematically build the ethical capacity of their own organisation.

During the process, your leadership value base becomes clearer, your ability to address ethical dilemmas and your portfolio of tools and instruments to help you lead ethically - promoting both justice and productivity - develops significantly. In this way, your work as a leader becomes increasingly conscious and effective. After this development program you will be able to strengthen and support the ethical capability of your organisation:

  • The ability and willingness to lead boldly and cooperate responsibly and honestly, to listen to people and better appreciate their everyday realities.
  • The ability and willingness to engage in self-reflection, challenging yourself to further development.

The development program is carried out in the context of an intensive trip for a small group of leaders to Namibia, where the reflections and daily feedback on leadership are based on experiences working with each other and local partners on a project.

One of the main educational elements of Operation Juuriharja is the element of surprise. When operating in an environment and culture unfamiliar to us Westerners, the only certainty is uncertainty - every working day is full of surprises. 

The element of surprise forces today's leaders to change their plans and the group to improvise their solutions. At the same time one learns an incredible amount about oneself, about leadership and about one’s prejudices.

The most impressive and profound part of the Operation Juuriharja process involves the deep dive each participant takes into themselves and into their own management philosophy. The bonding process quickly forms a close, mutually appreciative group, where everyone wants to develop and support each other’s development. Daily feedback sessions are the most fruitful elements of the development program, with serious and fun conversations merging into a whole that is, as one participant put it, “simply addictive”.

Operation Juuriharja’s final stages are dedicated to self-reflection: “What happened during the work project? What did I learn about myself and my leadership style and beliefs? How will I implement the lessons learnt in my own work?”

In the Namibian desert, the mind becomes easily attuned to the deep probing exercise of self-reflection: in the middle of the desert, under the enormous African sky, as the sun sets behind the surreally red dunes, one’s mind is free in a way that is not possible anywhere else.

Operaatio Juuriharja on johtamisvalmennus, jossa reflektoidaan Namibian aavikolla

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Erika Heiskanen on Operaatio Juuriharjan valmentaja ja kehittäjä

 Operation Juuriharja strengthens an internal locus of control


In Finnish only: On kurja saada kriittistä palautetta asiasta, johon ei ole voinut vaikuttaa. Se tuntuu väärältä ja epäoikeudenmukaiselta. Mistä se johtuu, että joskus esihenkilömme tai muut työtoverimme ovat sitä mieltä, että olisimme voineet hoitaa jonkin asian, vaikka se ei selvästikään ollut omissa käsissämme? Tai miksi kollegamme sanoutuvat irti vastuusta ja väittävät, että eivät voi asialle mitään, vaikka vierestä katsoen homma näyttää täysin hallittavalta? Ilmiötä selittää yksilöllinen hallintakäsite, uskomus siitä, missä määrin voimme itse vaikuttaa elämäämme.



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