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Juuso Mäkinen

M.Sc. in Construction Economics, coach

Juuso has worked in the construction industry for over twenty years and has been involved in major infrastructure projects on five continents. His first contact with alliances as a contracting model was in Brisbane in 2006.

Improving productivity and reducing waste in the construction industry is a cause close to Juuso's heart and he is determined to devote his entire career to promoting this. The keys to the solution lie in the cooperation between the parties involved, the controlled introduction of new technology and quality of decision-making.

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  • Construction economics, in particular production management and optimisation of infrastructure projects
  • Clarification of complex problems
  • Discovering the root causes of challenges
  • Bidding in alliances
  • Construction software strategies and product development
  • Product management of construction software
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"Even difficult things become possible when all parties are brought to the same table and begin to talk."

Juuso's motto


Juuso was Product Manager and later CEO of an infrastructure construction software company for ten years and made an exit by selling his company to a large international player. He stayed with the company for five years as a product manager while working as an information management expert in large infrastructure projects and around the world.

Along the way, Juuso has been exposed to various different management models and best practices in different types of contracts, the best of which Juuso now applies in his own work.

In 2016, Juuso started focusing on collaborative projects and participated in alliance bidding, both in workshops and as a writer of quality materials.

Juuso has a strong sense of ownership of workshop work, facilitation and workshop preparation. The workshops he has designed have helped to find well-balanced solutions from very conflicting starting points. Juuso's particular expertise lies in alliance bid workshops and in organising the production of quality material. Juuso also helps in challenging situations to compare even difficult situations and supports in decision-making. He also makes complex challenges understandable.


  • M.Sc. in Construction Economics, Aalto University, 2008