Extended Disc


It is essential for effectiveness and wellbeing at work that individuals are able to build on their strengths. Well-functioning collaboration requires knowing and making full use of other people’s strengths and diversity of the group. Extended Disc charts one’s personal behaviour, with its inherent strengths and development areas.


Extended Disc deepens the understanding of oneself and others. Increased understanding produces many benefits, e.g.:

  • The team work of a management team or any other team becomes more efficient and meaningful.
  • Once one’s understanding of the interaction in different situations grows, one is better able to cope with challenging situations.
  • Leading and motivating people becomes more personal and deeper in nature.
  • Diverse strengths are more readily available for projects, while they progress more smoothly.
  • Customer service will be improved.
  • Wellbeing at work increases.

Main strengths and critical development areas can be mapped using the Extended DISC® while at the same time delivering a concrete picture of the organisational working atmosphere.