Ethical And Energetic Management Teams


The collective ability of the management team to lead together will determine the future of an organisation. No organisation will be able to surpass the capacity of its management team. A winning management team achieves amazing results and facilitates a flourishing organisation. This success however depends on people. Working on oneself and engaging in a wide-ranging process of reflection paves the way for change and strengthens ethical leadership competencies.


We start by analysing the current status of the management team based on measured evidence, in order to understand where to focus development efforts to produce best results. The management team always selects its own development goals. Juuriharja encourages you to go that extra mile in your thinking to streamline the progress required to achieve your goals. Various effective means to support this development are used. Coaching ensures high-quality thinking and helps to avoid the usual cognitive biases. Shared problem-solving processes energize the management team and improve their moral imagination skills. Lean thinking improves the efficiency of the execution process. Finally, the results of the programme are verified by measurement.