Julkaisut kirjat kaikki aivot käyttöön


Kaikkien aivot käyttöön kirja Heinonen Klingberg Pentti

Shift Everyone's Brain Into Gear!

Shift Everyone’s Brain Into Gear! is a practical guide for leaders and managers who aim to make the most of the thinking and differing views of their entire team. With the help of this book, you will create a collaborative atmosphere conducive to the promotion of thinking, guiding your team out of rigid models of action and toward fully utilising the capacity of the whole group.

This can be achieved by means of a coaching dialogue based on mutual respect, listening, posing questions and allowing for feedback. Competence in coaching dialogue is important especially in changing circumstances. In management teams it can help to diversify thinking and to focus on the essentials. Coaching dialogue can also help to reinvigorate lacklustre group activity. The book contains a plethora of easy to deploy productivity-enhancing group methods.

The book is in Finnish.

Heinonen, Sirkku, Klingberg, Rea ja Pentti Päivi 2013 (4. p.). Kaikkien aivot käyttöön. Talentum, Helsinki.

ISBN: 978-952-63-0103-7