Bold And Responsible Management


Leadership is facing unprecedented pressures to improve itself constantly.


Ethical and energetic leadership development stems from the everyday experience of leaders and managers; from successes to less glamorous commonplace situations, which the leaders wish to share and where they seek new solutions. Solutions based on the organisation’s values streamline the organisation. These can be identified through the means of moral imagination.


We do not believe in the incentive effect of regulations and standards set from above, or in over steering and management by economising. We do not underestimate regulation or potential savings, rather, we consider them to be both important and necessary, yet we do not believe in their motivating effect.


In the midst of austerity and scarcity, leaders and personnel long to be heard and understood, they long for clarifying discussions and mutual vision, focusing on what is essential and on being encouraged and supported.


Our leadership development program increases dialogue and joint activity between top and middle management, helping them get the feeling of being in the same boat, rowing away from the eye of a storm together towards calmer waters. Training sessions are tailored to the client's goals.


The often recurring themes here are:

  • Values and management principles as the core of leadership
  • Enabling leadership and the moral imagination
  • Strengthening trust
  • Fairness and integrity
  • Courage and emotional identification
  • Setting and monitoring targets
  • Co-operation and encouragement
  • Productive practices



Download the guide "How and why develop your ethical leadership competence?"