First Whistle –
The Reliable and easy-to-use whistleblowing channel


Risk of misconduct is always present in business operations. To discover problems and take action, it is important to offer as many channels as possible for raising flags.

Especially in the case of serious suspicions it is imperative that there is an opportunity to anonymously report misconduct without the danger of becoming victimised or subjected to threats. It is already a legal requirement for all listed companies and companies operating in the finance market to have a whistleblowing channel in Finland. However, a whistleblowing channel that makes it possible to tackle problems would be important for all companies or other organisations that are interested in risk management and operating ethics.


What is whistleblowing?



Whistleblowing is a channel that all members of an organisation can use to report suspicions of misconduct. It is just a channel, however. In itself, a whistleblowing channel is unable to solve or change a thing. But it is a critically important tool that enables you to secure the anonymity of persons reporting misconduct.

First Whistle is a reliable and easy reporting channel


Juuriharja’s First Whistle is a service anyone can use to confidentially report misconduct or other inappropriate activity they have observed or suspect. It is easy to use, reliable and data secure. The introduction and implementation of First Whistle are based on Juuriharja’s solid expertise and extensive experience in ethical challenges and development processes in organisations.

First Whistle is an essential part of a company’s GRC system and of developing an ethical organisational culture. Successful risk management and compliance require an effective reporting channel so that suspicions of misconduct can be investigated.


The goal of First Whistle is to reinforce an ethical organisational culture. It is essential that a company has drawn up a code of conduct and associated procedures. Misconduct occurs in all organisations and work communities, so it is vital that it can be brought up either through open discussion or using the First Whistle channel.

The launch of the reporting channel should be carefully planned to ensure that the channel’s positive goal and purpose is clear for everyone. It is also important to carefully specify a so-called escalation process according to which reports sent to the First Whistle channel are processed and referred for investigation to the correct parties.

First Whistle collects statistical data on reports, their processing and any measures taken as a result to enable the company to further develop its risk management and ethical organisational culture on based on facts. It is also important to remember that suspicions of misconduct and their investigation may be a painful process for an organisation and it is therefore essential that appropriate measures are in place for aftercare.

Juuriharja is Finland’s leading expert organisation in the development of an ethical operating culture and ethical leadership. Juuriharja is a trusted partner. Our clients include ministries, listed companies and other organisations.


Since it was established in 2009, Juuriharja has developed tools and frames of reference for ethical working life and leadership and has implemented ethical operating culture and ethical leadership development projects in dozens of organisations. First Whistle is founded on half a century of combined expertise and experience in the issues of ethical business life.

First Whistle is

  • Secure and reliable
  • GDPR compliant
  • Easy to use
  • Developed by pioneers of ethical leadership and operating culture in Finland

We can help with the specification

Before the First Whistle channel can be implemented, a process must be specified according to which reported matters will be processed.


Process specification includes the following steps:

  • process description
  • classification by severity
  • contact channels for matters with various content
  • roles and responsibilities
  • communication to organisation