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How does First Whistle work?

Book a meeting and let's go through all your questions.

Book a time directly from our calendar, and we will walk you through all the essentials.

Book a meeting, and let's go through your questions.

Feel free to invite all the people you want to the meeting.
When you make the booking, it's easy to send the calendar invitation to others aswell.

In the demo we will go through:
• How the First Whistle whistleblowing channel works
• First Whistle implementation and scheduling
• Any other questions you may have, e.g. on legislation
• Pricing

Nobody wants to be in the media spotlight for unpleasant issues.
First Whistle is built to minimise human risk:

• psychological guidance for the whistleblower throughout the whistleblowing process; and
• automation and guidance for the case managers.

Why choose Juuriharja as your whistleblowing partner?

Watch this video and get to know us better!


Book a Demo

In the demo you will meet our whistleblowing expert


Erika Heiskanen

Erika has decades of experience with business and work related ethical issues having helped dozens of organisation on their path to operational excellence and even more sustainable business practices.

+358 40 746 6798