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First Whistle

The most user-friendly whistleblowing solution


First Whistle – the easy to use and carefree whistleblowing solution

A whistleblowing channel is a legal requirement for all organisations employing 50 people or more

The basis is the EU whistleblower directive from 2019. Previously popular email channels or intranet feedback possibilities will no longer be sufficient.

The First Whistle is easy to implement, it is a plug-and-play cloud service and does not require any changes to your clients' ICT systems.



First Whistle services packages for end clients


invoicing annually

Efficient and easy

invoicing annually


invoicing annually

Technical implementation for the First Whistle
MFA for case managers
Data safety
Automated case registration
Archive for finalised investigations
Supporting template for you DPIA
Anonymous communication with whistleblower
First Whistle user video for personnel
First Whistle user video for admin
Info page for whistleblowers
Info page for case managers
Compliant text template for you website
Number of language versions
Alternative case topic theme compilations
Case management process, initial training of case managers, video
Compliant training on whistleblower protection for personnel, video

Benefits for your clients in choosing the First Whistle

  • EU Whistleblower directive
  • GDPR
  • Accessibility requirements of the Digital Services Act
02-helppoEasy to implement and use
  • Easy implementation with supporting materials and videos
  • Tested and easy-to-use tools for case managers
  • Automated documentation of communication
  • Email notifications
  • Case documentation
03-tietoturvaSafety first
  • Audited, world-class data security
  • Whistleblower’s identity strongly protected
  • Enables anonymous communication with whistleblower
  • Psychological elements to reduce whistleblower related risks
  • Safety elements throughout the case management process to reduce case manager related risks
08-tehokasCost efficient
  • Careful monitoring of running costs: If you want extra, you pay for it just once
  • No training needed to use the system, time saved
  • Extremely streamlined onboarding process with years of customer experience, you benefit through attractive pricing and smooth support

Some of our customers:


    • A solid and tested whistleblowing system to offer to your clients
    • Access to the whistleblower market without starting costs in developing and maintaining the system.
    • Access to supporting your clients in implementing a whistleblowing system, and, depending on your field and expertise, you may want to, among others
      • help them define their case management process
      • update their code of conduct
      • train their internal auditors
      • support them in case management
    • No tech savvy needed, we take care of the technical side
    • Regular newsletters to your clients on tech updates
    • Tech support to your clients, videos and online guides
    • Videos and materials to get you onboard and learn about the whistleblower directive and the First Whistle
    • Your own First Whistle demo system with your logo
    • Marketing templates and materials you can make use of in your marketing
    • We take care of the contract directly with your clients so you avoid GDPR and other responsibilities and concerns, also saves you a lot of time!
    • You will have a long standing relationship with your clients that gives you access to annual discussions to assess their needs. 

The kind of partners we are looking for


We are looking for partners who are committed to helping their customers navigate successfully in the modern world with pressures from many sides. 

Maybe you support your clients with business ethics and compliance, ESG issues or accounting and governance.

You are looking for a solid whistleblowing solution to offer your clients, with confidence in the quality of the system. You are seeking to broaden your portfolio to grow your business.

You deliver on your promises in a timely manner and are appreciated by your customers.


  • compliant with the EU whistleblowing directive
  • compliant with the EU GDPR requirements
  • data secure
  • scalable for different devices
  • digitally inclusive and accessible

Some of our customers:

First Whistle -helping your clients to be compliant

First Whistle
EU directive
ISO 37002
In-house solution
Internal reporting
Transparency and accessibility of information to whistleblowers
Available for third parties
Record keeping
Consider the context of the organisation
Confirmation of receipt to the whistleblower
Possibility to initiate contact through system
Report on progress to whistleblower
Registration of cases
Whistleblower attachments
Anonymous communication during investigation
Right of whistleblower to be wrong
First Whistle
EU directive
ISO 37002
In-house solution
Competent and impartial internal person to follow up on the reports
Full access of chosen case managers to reporting and investigativeaction
Transparency and validity of case manager mandate
Data protection from attempts to delete or hide data
Appropriately conducted investigation
Documented communication with whistleblower
Documented investigation
Protection from retaliation
Informing whistleblower of outcome
First Whistle
EU directive
ISO 37002
In-house solution
Registration of cases by theme
Frequency data per theme per year
Archiving of cases
First Whistle
EU directive
ISO 37002
In-house solution
Personnel training
Training for case managers
Support page for case managers
Support page for whistleblowers
Responsible process owner /team
Accurate books and records
Loggin of case manager activities
Data safety
GDPR compliant
Co-operation with authorities

Why clients choose the First Whistle 

First Whistle is user friendly and dependable 

  1. Compliant with laws and regulations
  2. Tested and easy-to-use interface for case managers
  3. Audited world class data security
  4. Easy implementation with supporting materials
  5. Whistleblower's identity strongly protected
  6. Enables anonymous communication with whistleblower
  7. Psychological elements to reduce whistleblower related risks
  1. Automated documentation of communication with whistleblower
  2. Automated case status update for whistleblowers saving time from case managers
  3. Email notifications for case managers when a new case report is filed or new information is received from whistleblower
  4. Case documentation can be stored inside First Whistle in a data safe environment, includes up-to-date access control to all cases, including old ones.
  5. Cost efficient

First Whistle users vary from publicly listed companies to governmental organisations. We are also popular with smaller organisations.

Some of our customers:

True value for business operations

Implemented in the right way, whistleblowing can support your risk management processes and help save time and money. And lower your stress levels.


Unethical or illegal action may cause considerable damage both directly and indirectly. Timely case management prevents further damage.

ACFE (Association of Certified Fraud Examiners) 2020 Global study on occupational fraud and abuse says whistleblowing is typically (43%) the way wrongdoing is detected.

First Whistle is user friendly for the whistleblower to increase the likelihood that it is you and not the media who gets to hear it first.


It is easy to recognise early signals after the fact. Those moments are the lost opportunities when unwanted events could still have been avoided. Often beforehand those signals feel insignificant or there is the illusion that there is still time to fix things.

Make sure everyone in your organisation is familiar with your code of conduct and they know where to turn when boundaries are crossed. Management should be trained to welcome ethical discussions so they can hear what is simmering under the surface. Ethical organisational culture is the strongest means to ensure operations steer clear of unwanted business risks and focus on building sustainable success.



The whole implementation process was so effortless with you that I want to thank you warmly for the professional help.
Jaakko HannukselaQ-factory
The deployment has now been completed and I must say that no previous deployment has gone so smoothly. Thank you!
Janne TikkanenIT Specialist, Lounea
First Whistle has been a very easy way for us to meet the requirements of the EU directive.
Its implementation was quick and effortless.
Martti TokolaManaging Director at Salpaus Further Education Regional Consortium

Would you be more interested in providing the First Whistle to your customers as your own product or as a sales agent?

Partnering with us is easy and hassle free.

Book an appointment, let's discuss options in more detail!



Juuriharja Consulting Group in brief

Supporting our customers to sustainable success

Organisational culture often determines, whether strategic goals can be attained, if transformation programs are successful or whether the organisation's success is on solid ground. 

We help our clients to improve their leadership practice, competences and capacities, define their code of conduct and implement it. 

The First Whistle has been part of our product portfolio to support our clients for years. A whistleblowing channel is a great tool for data gathering, to have access to early signs of phenomena possibly evolving in the organisation.

We are:

  • Pioneers in business ethics
  • Base our work in scientific research
  • Partners work in the company

Growing to be just

People become house builders through building houses, harp players through playing the harp. We grow to be just by doing things which are just.

- Aristotle