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First Whistle -demo

Couldn't find a suitable time for a demo in our calendar? Or would you like to learn more about First Whistle's features right away?

With the videos below, you can learn about First Whistle's functionalities both from the perspective of the person filing a report and the person who manages the case.

Why is First Whistle different from other whistleblowing channel solutions?


Filing a whistleblowing report in First Whistle


Handling and documenting a whistleblowing report in First Whistle


Juuriharja's First Whistle

  • First Whistle is compliant: EU whistleblowing directive, GDPR, accessibility requirements of the Digital Services Act.
  • First Whistle is secure, latest security audit completed in 2023. The service has been built by top security coding professionals.
  • First Whistle is easy and cost-effective to use. No deployment training is required, and there is no frustration associated with implementing a new system. We also take care of the technical maintenance of the channel.
  • Juuriharja is a reliable partner. With decades of experience and our deep expertise in business ethics, we can undertand your business and can assist customers in a variety of situations.
  • Nobody wants to be in the media spotlight for unpleasant issues. First Whistle is built to minimise human related risks:
    • psychological guidance for the whistleblower through the whistleblowing process; and 
    • automation and guidance for the whistleblower.

If you wish, you can make an appointment for a follow-up discussion:

  • Let's go through your questions.
  • I'll show you how First Whistle works in practice.
  • You will also receive our highly competitive offer.