Leadership EDGE© 360°


Developing as an ethical leader is based on one’s ability to reflect on one’s own actions, thinking and emotions. The feedback received from others is important to one’s growth. Leadership EDGE© 360° is a tool to measure ethical leadership competence which has been developed by Juuriharja. The foundation of the measure lies in the cycle of ethical leadership development (Heiskanen & Salo, 2007).


The five areas of evaluation are:

  1. Ethical awareness
  2. Reasoning skills
  3. Moral imagination
  4. Values and purpose
  5. Personal integrity

Leadership EDGE© 360° provides support for the development of managers and executives. It will help them gain an objective understanding of their own level of ethics. The assessment will also help management teams to outline a shared vision of the ethical principles of leadership, both in their own behaviour and throughout the organisation. For those developing organisations, the evaluation provides a comprehensive overview of the level of ethics among the leadership, and helps them identify the organisation's strengths and development areas.


Try for free! Try miniEDGE, a free sample of Leadership EDGE© 360

This sample test is a shortened version of the actual 360° tool. You will be able to evaluate your own behaviour by answering 20 questions. You will receive immediate feedback based on your answers in your email. Test available in Finnish.