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From a dispute to a constructive solution

Our service ”From Dispute to Constructive Solution“ is developed jointly by Juuriharja and Vison Oy. The Coaching concept is a low-threshold solution to prevent and unlock disagreements and difficulties in collaboration in multi-stakeholder projects. It combines Vison's construction industry related and Juuriharja's team and collaboration coaching expertise.


The concept focuses on enhancing the capabilities of the conflicting parties and their own actions in resolving disputes in order to prevent too excessive growth of difficulties in cooperation, the realisation of financial and human risks as well as the drift into lengthy and costly legal mediation or litigation processes.


The service is tailored according to the situation: In a proactive situation, the parties are provided with the skills and understanding to deal with conflicts and disagreements, whether they are conflicts over issues, different personal styles or values.

When conflicts are already apparent and impede the achievement of project results, the need for an externally facilitated, psychological safe and equal discussion process of discussion and is provided. We recommend that all parties are committed to the development by involving them to the planning stage of the process.


If resources, lack of time or the breakdown of relationships no longer allow the in-depth dialogue process, we provide external support to stop the escalation of conflict and to find solutions in bringing the project to the honourable end. Conflicts happen for a reason and they give us an opportunity to grow together. But the conflict is always also a threat to people's well-being and health. Individual coaching support is often needed to help people cope with difficult emotions and to participate discussions constructively.


Conflict is always an opportunity.

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